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Enhanced Altered Aluminum Ion (Ea2I)* & AI based Smart control

A pioneer breakthrough technology "Enhanced Altered Aluminium Ion (Ea2I)", developed by us for complete solid state Aluminum battery. This is a proprietary Novel alloyed aluminum. it has been experimented and developed by us in stealth Mode for commercial Proof of concept. Our patented technology Ea2I will be based for all solid aliminum battery.

  • The All-Solid aluminum battery of ours is: Safest, Lighter and more heat resistant com pared to all Lithium-Ion batteries in world now.
  • Our AI-bat will withstand more than 20,000 cycles compared to the maximum 3000 cycles of the best lithium battery.
  • The cost of battery per Kw is 50% less than per Kw Lithium battery's present cost.
  • Abundance and durability of Aluminum eliminates the need of Nickel and cobalt as required in Lithium-Ion battery in the world.
  • More stability and progress of our battery results in much higher energy density than any best Lithium-ion battery in the world.


Ea2I Transformation: 5 Guiding Factors
This is how a rechargeable battery is going to be, as we are going to do :

This is advanced Ea2I battery integrated with edge computational platform
of electronics, AI, software and a converged smart management.

Semi Solid/Solid Battery

Usage Optimization

Modular & Scalable

Integrated BMS & Elect

Long Life & TCO/ROI

Efficacy & Power Optimal

Fast Charging & Discharging

Compliance & Technology

AI Based Software & Ops